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    Be more profitable! Accept card & mobile payments

    Accept the major brands of credit, debit and mobile payments
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    24/7 Anywhere Management

    Manage your business from any device
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    You've got to take it to make it

    Equip your machines with the Greenlite cashless solution and be more profitable
Cashless is a “must have” in today’s market due to customer demand and a competitive business climate.

Greenlite is a turn-key cashless solution incorporating the latest in card & mobile payment systems and valuable web-based reporting and management tools to help make your vending service more profitable.



Accepts Credit & Debit Cards

Full function card reader bezel supports multiple cards including Visa® Credit, Visa® Debit, MasterCard® Credit, Discover® Card, American Express®.


Accepts Mobile Payments

Built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) reader supports SoftCard Mobile Wallet® and Apple Pay® along with the major card brand contactless cards.


Totally Secure

All transactions meet current payment card industry standard compliance. No card data is stored. Your customers can be confident in a safe purchase.


24/7 Anywhere Management

Web-based management application lets you keep tabs on your machines 24/7 from any web browser. Manage your machines from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Never have to worry about upgrading to the latest version.


Machine Sales Tracking

Analyze your machine sales with comprehensive details on sales history by day, week, month and year.


Integrated Cash & Cashless Reporting

One solution to manage both cash and cashless vending.


Visual Alerts

View alerts when you login for machine health.


Two-Tier Pricing

Set lower price for cash purchase, higher prices up to a dime more for cashless purchase to offset transaction fee.


Weekly Bank Deposits

Card & mobile sales deposited weekly.


Six Data Transfers Per Day

Sales data every 4 hours and alerts as soon as they happen.

Make your business even more profitable by adding the Greenlite Data option for expanded route management tools.

Real-Time Texts or Email Notifications

For open door outside normal hours, DEX Alerts, Temperature Alerts and Pricing Too High/Low Alerts.


Item Database

Import items from suppliers or create your own to populate your planograms.



Set up planograms for multiple machines. Create templates to carry across multiple assets.


Scheduling View

See machines that are scheduled to be serviced with immediate product and SKU alerts.


Create pick lists for each machine. See machines, their selections and UPC alerts and know exactly what to take to the machine for re-stock.


Remote Pricing

Change pricing without costly visits to your machines.



Card Reader

Latest Reader

with Card and
Mobile Payment Acceptance

Web-Based application

allows you to access anywhere,
any time. Always have the
latest version.

Integrated Reporting

with details on machine sales,
cash & cashless, machine
health and much more.

Two-Tier Pricing

offsets transaction fees.

Nationwide Network

Most comprehensive
coverage available using the
AT&T LTE data network.

Processing by Cantaloupe

Weekly Bank Deposits

Processed by Cantaloupe Systems.

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