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Sign Up Now for Greenlite

In order to proceed you will need to decide on two items.

1. The first is what payment method is best for your business. Rental or Purchase. You will be directed with your choice
below to the sign up forms for the payment method of your choice.
2. The second is what Greenlite service set is right for your business. We offer two feature sets. Greenlite or Greenlite
Data. Within the sign up form you are directed you will be prompted to select the Greenlite service best for you.
(See feature comparison below)
3. Once your application is submitted it may take 7-10 business days to process after all information is received.

Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs

You will be directed to an online sign up form for your plan and to get the process going.

Rental Plan

  • Pay nothing up front except shipping of device
  • Rent device monthly
  • 5 Year service contract

Purchase Plan

  • Purchase hardware up front
  • 1 Year service contract
  • Hardware paid for at start and you own the hardware
Compare features and confirm what meets your needs to service or grow your business.
Cash DiscountYesYesEasy to add or remove, variable up to $.10
Machine Sales (Cash and Cashless)YesYesQuick easy view showing Alert Icons – Custom reports with GL Data
Item Sales (Cash and Cashless)YesYesTells you exactly what was sold – Custom reports with GL Data
Full Planogram ManagementNoYesTrack Inventory levels, Par, Capacity, Depletion limits
Remote PricingNoYesPrice your machine and update pricing Remotely
SMS/Email AlertsNoYesDoor, DEX, Temp, Price changes sent via text or email
Basic ReportsNoYesLinks to reports, don’t have to use report writer
QuickpickNoYesCreates pre-pick of what is needed in machine, easy to use
Cash AccountabilityNoYesTrack your employees and eliminate theft
Scheduling ViewNoYesView empties & sales by machine to decide where to go each day
Payouts & TransactionsYesYesTrack payouts & CC transactions thru the Greenlite site

Not sure what plan or purchase method is right for you? We can help.
Contact us at 1-800-833-4411

Greenlite Change Forms

Changing your name, address and business information should be a quick, simple task and with Greenlite, it is. Use the digital forms below to change your address, change your bank account, change your plan or cancel or transfer your business. Greenlite’s digital forms are secure and easy to use!
Address Change Form
Change your address in minutes by filling out the Change of Address Form.
Bank Account Change or Name Change Form
Greenlite wants to ensure that you are getting paid correctly and in a timely manner. If you have any change to your name or your bank account, simply click the link above and fill out the form. This form includes your bank information and your billing account validation. Additionally, you can add in your recurring payment authorization, so it is automatically deducted from your business checking or savings account.
Plan Change Form

We offer two plans through Greenlite to help fit all of your business needs: Basic and Advanced. The Basic Greenlite Cashless Plan has limited reporting and features. The Advanced Greenlite Data Plan includes enhanced reporting and advanced business management. It includes inventory tracking, real-time text or email notifications, remote pricing, quick picks and so much more!

Our Plan Change Form allows you to switch between the two plans.

Cancellation or Transfer Form
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to transfer our Greenlite services to another company, or even to cancel services completely. Simply fill out the Cancellation or Transfer Form to start the process.
*Please note that plan change requests can take 24-48 business hours, provided all requested information is provided and accurate.