Frequently Asked Questions

  • Greenlite is your cloud-based cashless solution for accepting card and mobile payments through your vending machine. You can manage your cash and cashless vending with one easy-to-use web-based application. The Greenlite solution on factory-installed machines consists of the latest cashless reader with built-in NFC capability, a cellular telemetry device that mounts inside your machine, a high-gain antenna, a door switch for noting door open events and a temperature sensor (on refrigerated and frozen food models) for recording and reporting temperature alerts. Remove monitoring and reporting is all available through a cloud-based application viewable from any device that has a web browser, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • The Greenlite solution not only processes cashless payments but also helps you make your business more efficient, which means more profit in your pocket. Greenlite incorporates management tools not available in most cashless-only systems.
  • The Greenlite solution can be installed in your vending machines from the factory, which can be done by speaking to your sales representative. Additionally, field installation is simple and just requires a simple set of tools to mount the telemetry device and antenna.
  • The credit card reader is the latest model of magnetic strip and Near Field Communications (NFC).
  • The Greenlite telemetry device is a cellular module that quickly mounts inside your machine and securely communicates the information to and from your vending machine to the internet and server so that you can see the information on your computer, tablet or other web browser equipped device.
  • Contact your vending machine provider to have Greenlite installed on your next vending machine order or call Vendnet at 515-271-8404 to get set up for a Greenlite field install kit.
  • Greenlite is a product provided by The Wittern Group of companies, a leading supplier of vending solutions since 1931
  • Greenlite offers two solutions powered by the Cantaloupe Systems suite of integrated cloud-based mobile technologies. Cantaloupe Systems has been assisting vendors to be more profitable and increase efficiencies since 2002.
  • Greenlite is also powered by 365 Retail Markets, which has been enhancing consumer experiences, innovating the vending industry and developing best-in-class convenience technologies since 2008.