Greenlite Cashless

A Flexible Solution for Your Business

Provide simple ways for customers to purchase items through the 365Pay app, Apple Pay/Google Pay and a contactless card reader with the Greenlite Pico.


Increase sales and reduce costs with Greenlite.

Cashless is a “must have” in today’s market due to customer demand and a competitive business climate.

Card & mobile payment acceptance solution with cost saving telemetry & data management tools. Accept credit/debit cards & mobile payments. Remote monitoring and reporting of sales, cash & cashless and machine information. Suite of management tools
Greenlite PicoGreenlite ePort
Price Change Uploadtickcross
Machine Planogram Trackingtickcross
Wireless Remote Monitoringtickcross
Mobile Route iOS App (iPad, iPod, iPhone)tickcross
Cashless Performance Alertstickcross
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