Cashless in Vending

Your customers are carrying less cash. Are you prepared for this reality?

Engage more consumers with secure cashless payments

  • Connect all of your machines to cashless payments to enable consumers to purchase products via debit/credit card or through a mobile wallet, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, resulting in an immediate increased revenue to your business.
  • Over 1 billion cashless transactions take place in the United States, with that number continuing to grow
  • 27% of total workplace market sales are cashless
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Become proactive with real-time machine health alerts

  • Receive real-time alerts and machine-level monitoring to track connectivity, sales and performance. Decrease your machine’s downtime and increase customer satisfaction.

Optimize service visits

  • Replace guesswork with operational data that can be used to optimize truck routes and manage inventory.

Make smarter business decisions

  • Leverage your cashless management solution to streamline cash accountability, optimize reporting and simplify service tickets.

Simplify your business plan

  • Manage all of your vending equipment under one system for processing, pre-picking and inventory management.